10 Remarkable Things to Know about Estonia

As a foreigner, there are things to know about Estonia.

Here are the lists of 10 most remarkable things to know about Estonia.

One of Europe’s least crowded countries

Estonia is one of the least crowded countries in Europe, with a population density of 28.4 people per square kilometre. Just Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia can overcome it. It is also one of the least populated of all EU Member States (1.3 million).

They have many islands

Other things to know about Estonia is that it has 2,222 islands and islets in the Baltic Sea. That’s a lot, but a lot less than the country that claims to have the most – Finland, with 179,000 (we don’t know for sure who counted them). Great Britain has 6,289. 

Singing nation 

With the largest collection of folk songs in the world, 133,000 recorded songs, Estonia is appropriately called the “singing nation”. The lyrical tradition culminates every five years in the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration, a gathering of up to 200,000 artists and spectators.

The term was coined after a series of mass demonstrations in which Estonians sang national songs and patriotic hymns that were strictly forbidden.

Estonia got wonderful World Heritage sites

Estonia has two UNESCO world heritage sites. The historic old town of the capital of Estonia(Tallinn) is understood for its superbly preserved medieval architecture; additional obscure is the Struve geophysics Arc, that shares Estonia with Belarus, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Moldova, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine. It is a chain of research triangles that stretches from Hammerfest in Norway to the Black Sea, which produced the first accurate measurement of a meridian (now you know it).

Estonia Welcome Visitors

As a tourist or first time visitor, among the wonderful things to know about Estonia is how they welcome visitors.

With 1.3 million inhabitants and quite a pair of million foreign guests each year, Estonia is a country where annual tourists exceed the native population. However, this still leaves loads of peace, particularly deep.

Estonia has a very high literacy rate

Estonia has one of the highest adult literacy rates in the world – 99.8% according to UNESCO. Only those from Latvia and quite surprising/doubtful, those from North Korea are higher.

High female population

Estonia has more women than men. There are 84 men for every 100 women in Estonia – only the Mariana Islands of the North, the Pacific American Territory, which has about 50,000 inhabitants, have a lower percentage of men. Estonian women live an average of 10 years longer, which explains a little. Incidentally, the UAE is the country with the highest ratio of men to women, with a remarkable rate of 2.19: 1.


Estonia is a digital society that was the first country to vote online in 2005 and almost all tax returns are submitted electronically. Citizens can sign legal documents remotely with their ID card and anyone in the world can apply to become an electronic resident. And yes, it’s true, there is a 4G coverage even in the middle of the forest.

Ecological leader

The concept of World Cleanup Day was born in 2008 in Estonia, where 50,000 volunteers helped preserve the local landscape by collecting waste. 

About 16 million people in 113 countries have now participated. The largest “positive social action” in the world is scheduled for September 8, 2018, when World Cleanup Day plans to involve 150 countries in a full day of cleanup around the world. 

Other Estonian innovators such as HoseWear, Derelict Furniture and fashion designer Reet Aus use materials such as old fire hoses and wood residues in elegant and environmentally friendly designs.

Estonia love Swinging

They take rocking in Estonia very seriously, even though a man by the name of Ado Kosk invented a new sport in the 90s, called kicking, in which participants focus on gigantic 360-degree steel swings. It must also be included in the Olympic Games.

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