6 Most Valuable Cities in Ukraine

This is the list of 6 most valuable cities in Ukraine, which is second-largest countries in Europe.

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. Except for Crimea, Ukraine has a populace of around 42.5 million, making it the 32nd most populous country on the planet. The capital and largest city are Kyiv. The official language speaks in Ukraine is Ukrainian.
It may not be as famous as other European countries when it comes to tourism, but it certainly has many hidden gems that are worth a visit. The country possesses a collection of beautiful buildings, Cities, Museums and lots more usually decorated with vibrant golden colours, not only golden buildings, but people with hearts of gold also inhibit Ukraine. Ukraine has a large number of beautiful Cities with a large number of tourist activities. And although some regions are advised as off-limits because of separatist clashes, most of this vast country is open to business.


Odesa is the third most populous and is also among most valuable cities in Ukraine and a major tourism centre, seaport and transport hub located on the northwestern shore of the Black Sea. that is why it is sometimes called Pearl of the Black Sea. It is also the administrative centre of the Odesa Oblast and a multiethnic cultural centre. Presently a significant exchange city, guests incline toward Odesa for the sandy shorelines, clement weather and shimmering waters, especially Lanzheron Beach, an ideal spot for sun admirers.


This is a city in western Ukraine, located on the upper course of the River Prut. It is the administrative centre of Chernivtsi Oblast (province) – the northern, Ukrainian part of the old region of Bukovina.

This city in western Ukraine is as well known for the 1875-founded Chernivtsi National University, which highlights Romanesque and Byzantine design such as the University Botanical Garden. At the core of the old town is Central Square, with the blue, neoclassical City Hall.


This is the second-largest city in Ukraine. In the northeast of the country, it is the largest city of the historic Slobozhanshchyna region. This is an important cultural, scientific, educational, transport and industrial centre of Ukraine, with various historical centres, theatres and libraries.

Its devil’s wheel is one of the biggest wheels in the world, captures your eye as soon as you enter the parking area. It’s high and draws your attention so you won’t get lost in the park even if it’s your first time there. With the estimated population of over one million residents, Kharkiv is quite family-friendly. Moreover, the city is home to many prestigious universities, so it’s also a huge educational centre.


Lviv is a city in western Ukraine, about 70 kilometres from the outskirts with Poland. Traces of the Polish and Austro-Hungarian heritage are visible within the architecture, which combines Central and Eastern European styles with those of Italy and Germany.

In High Castle Park, the ruins on a mountain top of a 14th-century castle offer panoramic views of the city’s green dome churches and the surrounding hills.

It is the largest city in western Ukraine and the seventh-largest city in the country with a population of 724,713 as of January 2019. It is one of the most important cultural centres of Ukraine.


In the northwestern city of Ukraine, Lutsk is a city situated on the Styr River. It is the administrative centre of the Volyn Oblast and the administrative centre of the surrounding Lutsk Raion within the oblast, although it is not part of the raion. Lutsk has the status of a city of oblast significance, similar to that of a Raion.

Everyone can find something for themselves in Lutsk. Lovers of rest and slow walks can spend hours enjoying the atmosphere of the Old Town and the central streets, lovers of history and architecture will find a lot of monuments of the past, adherents of art will certainly be interested in art galleries and numerous festivals.

It is the centre of trade routes that go to Europe, and this determines the development of art and culture.


Kyiv is the number one populated city in Ukraine situated in the north-central part of the country on the Dnieper River. Additionally the capital of Ukraine. With the estimated population of the people living in the city making it the 7th most populous city in Europe.

As the capital of the second-largest country in Europe among the most valuable cities in Ukraine, Kyiv has retained its spirit, history and the best Ukrainian traditions.

In addition to hosting an abundance of old churches, the variety of parks and museums, the famous Bessarabka market where you can taste the food right away, and the world’s deepest metro station (Arsenalna, 105.5 meters below ground), this majestic city offers a wide range of restaurants where you can get the right taste of Ukraine.

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