7 Top Cities to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland offers tourists great opportunities to enjoy the amazing, beauty, historical and cultural attractions and many more great attractions that this great country has to offer. Whether you visit Switzerland in summer or winter, you can do everything your mind has in mind. Check out 7 Top Cities to visit in Switzerland;

1. Geneva

Geneva is the oasis of beautiful nature and also an international stage for organizing many important meetings. This is also an area with many head offices of major world organizations. Jet D’Eau is the absolute highest fountain in the world that is a distinctive symbol of Geneva.

See the Natural History Museum, the Horology Museum and several cathedrals and rose gardens that will make your holiday in Geneva unforgettable.

2. Zurich

Another one of the top cities to visit in Switzerland is Zurich. This is the financial, cultural and historical centre of Switzerland and should simply be included when you visit.

Zurich has the largest selection of museums and art galleries, the Opera House which is considered to be one of the central points to attract world-class artists and trendsetters of the music world. The old town of Zurich is a collection of the most spectacular shops, high-quality eateries with an old European flair.

3. Lugano

Lugano is a spectacular area in Switzerland known for its mild climate and an abundance of things to do for even the most discerning tourist. When the Mediterranean climate and the beautiful natural majesty are combined with Swiss functionality, the result is always a breathtaking place to visit during your vacation.

You have lots of opportunities to explore Lake Lugano up to the mountains or the multiple Italian-style villages with an endless choice of outlets, amusement and restaurants.

4. Chateau de Chillon

This is one of the famous and must-see attractions in Switzerland when visiting Lake Geneva. This beautiful medieval castle can be reached by walking, riding a bus, cycling or by boat to fully admire the strict beauty. This 13th-century building is considered to be one of the best-preserved castles in the world.

It is strategically protected by the mountains on one side and the cold water of Lake Geneva on the other, making an unnoticed attack virtually impossible. Take a personal tour to take you through the large upstairs bedrooms, the kitchen and the Count’s Great Hall. Finally, steep down to visit the dungeon Francois Bonivard had imprisoned and to feel the threatening atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

5. Basel

Basel is a great holiday destination to start as one of the top cities in Switzerland. This city of Basel is divided into 2 large areas called Great Basel and Little Basel that are separated by the Rhine.

They are connected by 6 large bridges. Many pharmaceutical companies are located in this beautiful city. Despite the changes in modern civilization, Basel still has the charisma of the Middle Ages with the abundance of beautiful historic buildings and structures. It is the best place explored by the rail system or ferries that let you enjoy the old beauty from the water.

6. Bern

This is the capital of Switzerland and is worth a look because it is a place where Einstein has completed his greatest mathematical formulas, the birthplace of a chocolate bar, Toblerone and finally the place where Emmental cheese was invented. Apart from that, Bern is just a wonderful place to see beautiful towers, sandstone buildings and beautiful fountains. Don’t miss swimming in the Aare River with its crystal clear waters that are especially refreshing in the summer after you visit Bern’s multiple historical and cultural sites.

7.  Lucerne

This is a true symbol of Switzerland that combines stunning images with incredible historical significance. The centre of Lucerne is a perfect medieval setting with cobbled streets, historic buildings and countless hotels, restaurants and shops.

The most famous attraction of this picturesque village is to take a tour along the Chapel Bridge over the Reuss River. The city called Lucerne is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Switzerland.

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