Adventurous Things to Do in Paris

This is a guide that shows adventurous things to do in Paris. One of the most beautiful cities in the world is Paris, a couple of urban communities on this Earth are as emotional and notable as the capital of France. If you somehow managed to circle the globe and make a rundown of its most beautiful urban communities, Paris, with its unique landmarks and amazing streets, would consistently make it into the main ten.

Since the Age of Enlightenment, Paris, the City of Light, has been drawing in fashionistas, craftsmen, history buffs, and journalists, every one of whom is motivated by the bohemian culture and the wealth of galleries and excellent lanes. Paris resembles no other spot on earth.

The unique heartbeat of Paris enchants the hearts and brains of the individuals who have dared to this sensational city. Indeed, even travel essayists fall under the charm of the tangled roads, outside bistros and moving pontoon travels along the Seine. With its Champs-Élysées and Place des Vosges, Latin Quarter and Montmartre, Paris is the first model for other significant world capitals, all guaranteeing their model of fantastic style and refinement.

1. The Louvre

Yes, it may be just as cliched as the Eiffel Tower, but leaving it out would simply be unthinkable. Not solely is the Louvre one among the world’s finest palace’s and a wide-ranging example of French architecture, it additionally simply happens to contain some of the world’s finest design.
Established in 1973, the Louvre painted to the general public everything that was good concerning the French Revolution and has been drawing in tourists and admirers ever since, with recent figures suggesting well over 5 million annual visitors. And with pieces such as Da Vinci’s renowned Mona Lisa, it should come as no surprise.
If you are in Paris for the week, though it may not be sensible, the Louvre might most likely entertain you for the complete seven days.
And if a week-long art binge doesn’t exactly constitute fun for you, visit for the day at least, even if it is only to re-enact your favourite scene from the Da Vinci Code, usually much to the embarrassment of the rest of your party.

2. La Promenade Plante

It is widely acknowledged that a trip to Paris does wonders for your calves, with long walks inevitable. And ‘The Plant Walk’ does not do much about it. At 4.5 km long, it is the only (and therefore the longest) elevated park in the world. This is perhaps the most imaginative and picturesque way to manage an unused railway. The walkway is lined with flowers and offers a beautiful and often intrusive view of the neighbourhood. And in the purest Parisian style, the arcades below have not been destroyed by graffiti. No, they have been transformed into art and craft workshops. A good afternoon of entertainment for everyone.

3. Visit Sabbia Rosa

Visiting the Sabbia Rosa is among the adventurous things to do in Paris. It is a city with a street dedicated to shopping in underwear would generally be considered a bit unusual, but we are talking about Paris, where the unexpected is still on the menu. So, when you are at Rue Des Saints Fathers, get ready to flash the plastic and completely revise your underwear. If there is something that makes the city the most romantic in the world better than anywhere else, then it’s the parties. And at Ms Sabbia Rosa’s, you have one of the best in the industry. She was sewing lingerie even before you thought about him. It is therefore not surprising that she regularly attracts customers like Madonna and Kate Moss. But with this clientele, Madam Rosa can afford to set prices a little higher than normal sales, so be sure to have your chequebook before trying.

4. The Night Clubber Special

For those who think that Saturday night is an adventure night, Eurostar Night Clubber Special may not be for you. But for the rest of your enthusiastic partygoers, that’s certainly the case. Just like a modern Cinderella story without glass slippers and lending itself to a lot of dance music, you have to leave London after 4:30 pm and come back the next morning before 10:30 am, often sleepless and confused from a linguistic point of view.

As an individual visiting for the first time, Night Club Special is among the adventurous things to do in Paris. Try clubs such as Queen and Redlight for a better general understanding of the local scene. The Sunday morning after-party sessions will take you directly to your return train. And at a very reasonable price of £35 for return tickets, booking in advance is the only way to guarantee your place for this unique club experience.

5. Notre Dame

If this list was to be written in any specific order of importance, then Notre Dame cathedral would feature much, much higher. Commissioned by Bishop Maurice de Sully in 1163, Notre Dame is one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in Europe today, and recent restorations mean it’s looking as good as ever. It is also one of the most adventurous things to do in Paris by visiting the cathedral.

Oh, and it also happens to be the religious centre of the city and home of Paris’s Archbishop, hence deserves absolute double underlining on your itinerary. The gargoyles are as leering as expected, and often even the most adamant of atheists comment on the inexplicable and eerie atmosphere of calm and hush which hits as you enter.

Notre Dame may not be for the children (unless of course, yours are into Gothic architecture and intense religious feelings), but must not, at any cost, be missed out on your trip. And if your kids complain, sit them in Berthillon over the road and let them loose on Paris’s most famous ice cream parlour, were asking for ‘chocolate flavour’ is like asking for alcohol in an off-license.

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