Amazing Places to Visit in Argentina – Check out Top 7

Argentina is a destination to some of South America’s best tourist attractions and it is culturally a home for dance, architecture music and especially gastronomy. Due to the diversity of the weather, you can do countless activities, from hiking in the rainforest to hiking through glaciers, history and culture to participating in eco-tours, from gastronomy and nightlife to camping nights and days of diving.

1. Tiera del Fuego

In this southernmost city in the world, you will be acquainted with breathtaking fauna and flora that you have never seen elsewhere. The maritime life tier del Fuego is also something to see if you go fishing, kayaking or just sightseeing. In a nutshell, many tourists explore the area every year.

2. Talampaya

Talampaya is the homeland of the dinosaurs long extinct and the first men to walk on the earth. They are in the southern region of La Rioja. Nowadays, this place is home to paleontological and archaeological discoveries. In this isolated dessert, you will be surprised and admire the great formations that spot the landscape.

3. Puerto Madryn

This seaside and tourist paradise offer various activities such as sailing, windsurfing, sport fishing and diving. More than that, it also houses some of the best hotels and restaurants in the country where they serve delicious seafood and bars where you can dance all night long.

4. Patagonia

Patagonia is home to the Great Southern Whale Route, which returns annually to the coast of the Valdez Peninsula. You can also visit one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Alto Valle Rio Pinturas. You can also see the paintings of the River Valley in Santa Cruz, where old paintings adorn the walls of the cave.

5. Valdez Peninsula, Chubut

This serves as a refuge for extraordinary animal armies such as elephant seals, various penguin species and southern right whales. Also, you can relax in the hot baths or perhaps hike in the glaciers of San Rafael.

6. Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the Argentina first destination in which you will probably find yourself in this bustling city that has a lot of beautiful things to offer in terms of entertainment. It features Spanish-inspired architecture and culture to the rhythm of nightlife or exotic dishes. Here, your senses will be extended to the maximum in this magical city.

7. Cordoba

Come to this other big city in Argentina. Here, you will feel that you have travelled back in time while immersing yourself in colonial architecture. The story is also known as one of the biggest western cities of the past.

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