Awesome Things to Do in Orlando as a Tourist

When it comes to some awesome things to do in Orlando, it’s no surprise that the city’s famous list of theme parks takes up most of the action and rightly so. Disney and Universal both dominate the tourism market, with 9 different parks, not to mention all the stores, restaurants and nightlife-related to the brand and do not require a daily pass.

Although visiting Orlando without saying at least a “hello” to Mickey and Co. may give the impression that you have not had the full experience, the city – and the surrounding region of central Florida – offers many alternatives. Explore the scenic downtown and its parks, hover over the vast swamps touched by alligators or visit the famous Kennedy Space Center on the east coast.

ICON Orlando

Brushing the mists at a surprising 400 ft tall, ICON Orlando is effectively the most astounding perception wheel on the east coast. On the off chance that you’re hoping to enjoy unbelievably, Floridian horizon sees, at that point jumping onboard one of the cooled cases is an absolute necessity.

Universal’s Island of Adventure

Universal’s Islands of Adventure is one of Florida’s most popular and well-known theme parks. He has received international awards for his range of roller coasters and attractions.
The most popular area of ​​Islands of Adventure offers a fun range of Harry Potter-themed venues, such as the Hogwarts  Castle and the Forbidden Forest. Immerse yourself in the world of JK Rowling’s witchcraft in an adventure through the characteristics of Harry Potter and Forbidden Journey or fly like a mythical creature in the Roll of the Hippogriff  Flight Coaster. See more about Universal’s Island of Adventure.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Among the awesome things to do in Orlando as a tourist is visiting Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Disney World’s first theme park remains one of the best. The Magic Kingdom welcomes no less than 20 million visitors a year in its 6 territories of entertainment and adventure.

The iconic Cinderella Castle is the centrepiece of the park, illuminated all night at 22h. by the famous light show (which you can see for free if you get close enough). The park’s entrance – which starts at around $100 offers a world of Disney shows, venues, tours, bicycles and parades, most of which are more youth-oriented. Among the six regions are Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Tomorrowland, Main Street and Liberty Square.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios Florida is one of the most visited and best-known amusement parks in the United States. His long list of rides and attractions inspired by Hollywood draws crowds. If you want to relive some of the movie magic or live high-spirited walks in Orlando, then this park will surprise and delight.

Universal Studio has a rich history and Oswald was made by artists Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney. In any case, with the free propelling of the Disney Empire, Universal encountered a stage back in the realm of activity.

SeaWorld Orlando

Visiting SeaWorld is one of the awesome things to do in Orlando. It has long been a fixture on Orlando’s list of top attractions, with live entertainment, water-themed attractions, and hands-on animal experiences to keep the family busy all day.

Cross the shark tunnel to discover an underwater world, approach the dolphins and rays in “Sea of ​​Shallows” or watch the orc show his talent at the famous Shamu stadium. Entrance fees vary between weekdays and weekends (from around $ 80 per ticket). SeaWorld also offers a number of multi-day options, with various accessories for access to the adjacent Aquatica and Discovery Cove water park.

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