Best National Museums to Visit in Tokyo

With some of the best national museums in Tokyo, you will love everything there is to see and do. With amazing art collections scattered throughout the city and countless institutions exploring the culture and history of Japan, you can get acquainted with some of the amazing artworks of the country one moment and wander the next in a reconstructed old city.

Tokyo is a creative and innovative place to visit due to a large number of science and technology museums, making visitors itchy to see what future developments are around the corner. Whether it’s the beer you’re interested in or samurai swords and calligraphy, the museums of Tokyo have it all. Below are the best national museums in Tokyo;

The Museum, Bunkamura

The Museum of Bunkamura may be hard to find in the beginning because it is in Shibuya, a very busy city, but it is worth it. Exhibitions change every 2-3 months, with stunning displays and styles. They also live up to its name (Bunkamura – Culture Villiage) and other facilities, such as theatres and cinemas, are nearby. See more here

Miraikan Museum

The Miraikan National Museum is one of the Emerging Science and Innovation is devoted to exploring, promoting and celebrating the latest cutting-edge technologies and discoveries that impact our world. Looking at the most recent advancements in science, visitors can experience how humans have impacted various environments; the creativity and innovation on the show are breathtaking. There are loads of amazing exhibits for you to explore.

Museum of Yebisu Beer

The former brewery, located in Yebisu Garden Place, became a museum in 2010 and documents how Yebisu Beer became one of the most popular drinks in Japan, with posters and old advertisements on display. The company became so famous that the name of the area around it Ebisu was derived from the famous brewery. Nowadays visitors can enjoy a walk through the well thought out exhibitions, where tasting is the undisputed highlight. See more here

National Museum of Nature and Science

The National Museum of Nature and Science, located in Ueno Park, is a fascinating place to visit. With its extensive collections, visitors can explore the natural world before they see how technology has evolved to help create exhibitions for them. A huge facility, there is so much to see and do in the museum, and the interactive installations bring some of the displays to life. With many old fossils that you can view, as well as a huge range of flora and fauna, the museum is just as entertaining as it is interesting and educational. See more here

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

In the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, you can not only enjoy the exhibitions, but also the beautiful architecture. It was originally built for the Japanese royal family at the time that Art Deco was at its best. You can see the history in the establishment. Also, as you can see by the name of the museum (teen means garden in Japanese), the garden is something. See more here

Mori Art Museum

The Mori Art Museum is located in the Roppongi Hills shopping centre, the beautiful location of the museum on the 52nd and 53rd floors of the giant Mori tower means that visitors can enjoy much more than the fantastic art collection; the views from high offer some of the best panoramas of Tokyo in the city. The Mori Art Museum is dedicated to contemporary art and has a brilliant range of artworks; the rotating exhibitions are worth seeing they include everything from Middle Eastern art to the latest pieces by local artists and advanced video art. See more here

The National Art Center

The National Art Center is unlike most other museums in the world as it does not have its permanent collection that it exhibits to the public. Instead, the centre only hosts special exhibitions, which means that there is a constantly changing range of art collections for locals and tourists to enjoy. Featuring the largest exhibition space in the whole country, the National Art Center is well worth checking out; its ever-changing features mean that it is always a fun and fresh place to visit. See more here

Edo-Tokyo Museum

This is one of the best national museums in Tokyo that offer interesting things, looking at the history and culture of Japan from 1603-1868. The Edo-Tokyo is a vast model that certainly worth a visit because of the amazing and beautiful historic buildings that are built there. With life-size models, wandering through the preserved and reconstructed buildings feels like you have stepped back in time. Edo-Tokyo museum has many attractions in which the visitors of all ages will enjoy when exploring.

Ghibli Museum

This is small but a well-thought-out tribute to the works of the most beloved animation studio in Japan, the design of the Ghibli Museum is just as idiosyncratic as the collection. Director Hayao Miyazaki gave his personal touch to the building, which loosely resembles a large Italian villa. A dense layer of greenery covers the exterior of the mansion and a 16-foot-long robot soldier from the classic film Castle in the Sky peers morosely from the roof garden. A location in the lush Inokashira Park makes it feel like a hidden secret, but this museum has been booked solidly since its opening.

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