Best Places in Norway to Visit in 2020

Norway is fascinating to explore because of its awe-inspiring mountains, beautiful fjords and glittering lakes. Hidden among these natural wonders, the vibrant cities offer an abundance of attractions and activities that visitors will certainly enjoy with the remains of Viking settlements located alongside fantastic museums and lively bars.

Indeed, the best places in Norway to visit go seamlessly old and new together, and this makes the country great to travel around. Looking at this, it can be vividly said Norway is one of the most appealing and beautiful countries on earth.


Trondheim is the third-largest city in Norway, It serves as a perfect base for exploring the surrounding region. It has many faces – it is known for culture, technology, students, food and cycling! The city organizes year-round festivals such as the St. Olav Festival – the largest cultural and religious event in the country. It is called an ‘intimate big city’ that captures the modern and energetic atmosphere but also lets visitors know that history has not been forgotten.

Jotunheimen National Park

The park is located in the south of the country and covers various mountain ranges include the 29 highest peaks in all of Norway. There are hundreds of hiking trails that lead you to fantastic glaciers, clear deep forest lakes and panoramic valleys. One of them takes you to Vettisfossen, the highest waterfall in Norway (275 m). The park is always busy with adventurous pleasure enthusiasts and travel organizations will put together many incredible packages that show the best of what this promised park has to offer.


Alesund is the gateway to the iconic northwestern fjords and the surrounding mountains. The city of Alesund owes its current picturesque appearance to a city-wide reconstruction after a fire in 1904 destroyed most of the city. The city was rebuilt with stone and brick in the architectural style of that time and is today a perfect example of the Jugendstil design, the Northern European version of Art Nouveau in which the visitor can also explore.


Oslo is the capital and the most populated city in Norway, It is a vibrant modern city with a confident attitude and laid-back atmosphere. Oslo is a third city and two-thirds of forests, parks and green spaces, making outdoor activities such as walking and cycling popular activities. From its 19th-century city centre with its museums, lively bars and restaurants to the Nobel Peace Center located in the city’s former railway station, Oslo is culturally rich as well.


This is one among the few places in the country with long sandy beaches, making it the best summer destination for people who want to mix sunbathing with their Scandinavian discoveries. The city’s port is a popular stopping point for cruise ships exploring the fjords, and many of Stavanger’s attractions are just a short walk from the coast. The Rogaland Art Museum has an excellent exhibition of Norwegian art, which make it one of the best places in Norway to visit.


This City has been the most important western harbour in the country. Today happens to be the 15th-century waterfront in the Bryggen district is both a working port and a tourist destination for visitors who want to sample fresh food at seaside restaurants. Although it is a great home base for exploring the picturesque fjords around the city and neighbouring islands, there is also plenty to see within the city. A quick trip through Bergen’s popular cable car is a wonderful place to orientate yourself about a city known as the Gateway to the Fjords.


Roros is one of the oldest cities with wooden buildings in Europe and a UNESCO world heritage site on the Swedish border. There are many beautiful places to visit in Roros such as the museums and the large snail mountains of Slegghaugan. But the most beautiful is hidden outside the city. Walk in the Femundsmarka National Park and Lake Rogen to enjoy the beautiful Norwegian nature.

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