Best way to explore Portugal

At the western tip of Spain, Portugal is a country rich in culture, rich of a long history and which formerly dominated the oceans in a naval power station. It has beautiful landscapes and world-class beaches, not forgetting some of the best golf courses in the world. From lush mountains in the north to sunny southern beaches to desert landscapes, this country is geographically diverse and binds to equally diverse peoples. Here are some of the best places to see and do in Portugal on your next trip.

Hit the Beaches

The warm climate and the long coast make Portugal a privileged place to enjoy the summer sun. In Lagos, you can immerse yourself in coastal lagoons with crystal clear waters, making it an ideal place for snorkelling or diving. The rocky coast is decorated with vegetation. The mountainous terrain also offers many outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking or just enjoying the breathtaking panoramic cliffs that overlook the sparkling ocean. Beaches such as Meia Praia are home to excellent little restaurants and beach bars to relax on hot summer days. Most popular beaches also offer many water activities. Surfing and snorkelling, as well as excursions with dolphins, kayaking or boat trips. The food in the coastal areas is fantastic and many local restaurants are exceptionally friendly and offer you excellent personalized service.

Grab Your Irons

Portugal has quickly become a world-class destination for golfers in recent decades. The varied geography offers beautiful but challenging jobs. The islands of the Azores offer picturesque green courses on a mountainous background and are really beautiful. There are courses that embrace the coastline and cliffs, while others are inland, but no less amazing. Professional tournaments are organized here every year because of the beauty of the fairways. Renowned golfers from around the world have designed many golf courses, making it one of the best in the world. Whatever your level, you will find that Portugal is truly a paradise for golfers.


The capital of Portugal, Lisbon is a lively city, but still has a lot to absorb historical architecture and culture. Near Belem, you will find the 16th-century Belem Tower, an iconic fortified tower that flows directly into the waters of the Tigus River. It was a critical place for the Portuguese during the days of maritime glory and the architecture is impressive. Nearby is the Jerónimos Monastery, which once housed a famous order of monks, renowned for helping sailors when they came and went for their trip to the sea. This huge church has an ornate architecture and breathtaking. It is surrounded by gardens and walking trails just as beautiful. The city also has museums with antiques from around the world, as well as aquariums and botanical gardens for children.


Known as the Venice of Portugal for its canals, bridges and painted boats, it resembles classic gondolas in Italy. It’s a small coastal town, but it’s definitely worth it. The beaches are beautiful and clean. Sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and surfing are all very popular here. The city itself has museums, cathedrals and parks. The city was founded in the 10th century, so there is no shortage of history and culture to occupy. There is a big university here and a football club that makes this less known city an exciting stop.

Duoro Valley

This beautiful valley is home to the region’s famous Port wine and is probably one of the most romantic regions in the country. You can visit the vineyards that produce this wine or taste it in one of the many restaurants in the area. You can visit the city of Porto, home city of wine, and browse the area by boat or sit along the serene river while the sun sets over the water. There are medieval castles here in a beautiful fertile valley. You can explore the valley by train or boat, so you can get a unique ride.

Alentejo Region

Once part of the Roman Empire, this region of Portugal has a rich heritage and many ancient ruins to explore. Long lost cities have left their mark in this region, making it a unique place to discover the civilizations that once ruled the entire region. You can find ancient monuments and ruins that can give you a glimpse of life about two thousand years ago. The influences of the first men, as well as Roman, Moors and Christian remains, are omnipresent in this region. The cities of Evora, Monsaraz and Pisces are all exceptionally beautiful by their architecture and history. A trip to this part of Portugal will not only be a historic visit, but romance and food are also unbeatable.

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