Dubai Travel Guide: Living and Working in the UAE

Are you considering Living and Working in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most open cities in the Middle East, located in the United Arab Emirates. The city of Dubai is a cross between Las Vegas and Disney World.

Because most other parts of the Middle East are much more conservative and laws prohibit the use, importation or purchase of alcoholic beverages, Dubai has many nightclubs and bars where people can go to if they want to relax on weekends and have a drink.

You can do almost anything you can do anywhere in the world, whether it’s enjoying the nightlife or skiing on the indoor ski slope. However, all this comes at a price. Dubai has a higher cost of living than most places where an expatriate will find work.

The prices of their apartments are among the highest in the world, and some homeowners expect you to pay rent in advance for the whole year and not from one month to the next, as in most other places. If you’re going to work in Dubai, make sure you do not have any more debt, because if you lose your job and still owe money to a Dubai company, there will be a no-fly limitation and you will be in this country.

Apartment Prices

Many companies that hire you to work in Dubai place you in business lodgings or grant you a rent allowance. With the high price of apartments in Dubai, It is not recommended working for a company that offers you no living expenses or accommodation and vehicle allowance.

A furnished one-bedroom apartment costs between $ 7,090 to $ 3,950 and an unfurnished three-bedroom apartment costs $ 4,930 to $ 2,880. The UBS 2018 price-earnings ratio contains $ 2,160 because it is the normal amount that locals pay for rent. The most affordable properties in Dubai are the smallest apartments and can cost the same as a big city in the Middle East, like in Kuwait, where you can get a three-room villa with a huge second bedroom serving as an office for less than 1800.

The average price of a villa in Kuwait is around 1,225 USD and you can find a two to a three-bedroom apartment for around 875 USD. The salary in Kuwait is generally higher than that of Dubai. With the high cost of an apartment in Dubai, if you are responsible for your own home, make sure your salary is high enough to cover the cost of your apartment and that living in a more liberal country is well worth the extra money you will pay to make up to the living and working in Dubai expenses.

Food Prices

According to BLOOMBERG most expensive cities, Dubai ranks 21st among the most expensive cities in the world for groceries. It covers the cost of living in 73 cities around the world. It is much cheaper than Tokyo, but still a little high compared to cities like Brussels, Toronto, Sydney, and Bangkok.


The cost of a woman’s outfit, shoes included, is about $ 510 and that of a man, about $720, shoes included. These costs are slightly higher than the world average. Therefore, if your living allowance covers more than the costs of your apartment and your vehicle, you must compensate for any differences in clothing and food prices.


The average salary in Dubai is about 10.10 dollars an hour, but with the cost of living in Dubai, you have to earn a lot more than if you want to accumulate your savings or debts while maintaining a standard of living comfortably.

Having a cost of living reimbursement or professional accommodation and a company car is almost essential if you are going to work here. Working here is a heavy tax consequence without local income taxes, but many costs are associated with the services provided in Dubai.


The costs of services in Dubai are higher than those of all the other cities. These costs can be very expensive if you install all the services that you use every month, such as cable, ADSL, hairstyles, dry cleaning and other similar services that you will use every month or week.

Electronics and Appliances

When it comes to electronics and household appliances in Dubai, it is likely that the price tag for these items in Dubai will be considerably cheaper than at home.

Otherwise,  you are from Mumbai, Jakarta, Bogota, Sofia, Santiago de Chile, Doha, Bucharest, Shanghai, Barcelona, Lisbon, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Delhi or Miami. These items are cheaper in Dubai than in your own country.


Transportation costs in Dubai are very low compared to most places in the world. A popular car, the Honda Civic, costs about $ 17,400 and annual registration fees of about $ 136 allow you to manage your own vehicle in Dubai. With the low cost of $ 0.40 per litre of gasoline, if you are able to drive your own vehicle, the price of gas will be considerably lower than the price you pay in your own country or in most other countries. countries in which you decide to live in this car.

Public transport is just as affordable when it comes to moving to Dubai because the price of gas is the price at which you return your vehicle. With a bus ticket, you only pay $ 0.73 for a 10 km trip or at least 10 stops. A taxi costs about 5 km and the city limit is about 4.27 USD. Dubai is one of the lowest in the world in terms of transportation costs.

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