Famous Cities in Hungary to Visit

Hungary is a country rich in culture that is reflected mainly in its buildings. From an architectural point of view, it is considered a real treasure because of other culture been mixed with such as Turkish and Roman cultures which generate many interesting sites to visit in Hungary.
Despite being the small country in Central Europe, there are some famous cities in Hungary to visit. It has beautiful landscapes that can easily charge other European countries into the competition.

1. Budapest

Budapest remains the capital and among the populous cities in Hungary. The capital of Hungary is known for its wide range of hot water baths which allow the travellers to experience the beauty of Hungarian culture.

Moreover, It is well-known as the best place to enjoy the most delicious dishes in Hungary, because it is full of authentic goulash (vegetable soup and meat). peradventure you wish to spend a night in Budapest, don’t hesitate to look for hotels in Budapest because their prices remain the same to others in Hungary, but some hotels are great because of their amazing Art design or their beautiful view of the Danube.

2. Gyor

Gyor is 120 kilometres west from Budapest, not far from Austrian borders and is home to beautiful buildings and a unique city centre. The 11th-century basilica, the Benedictine church of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and the town hall are among the wonders in Hungary. The famous Rába-Quelle thermal bath is certainly worthwhile to be remembered.

3. Kaposvar

This is one of the famous cities in Hungary, It is as well referred to a city of flowers, but it is also known as a university town among thousands of universities with dynamic and young students. The historical monuments of the city and narrow cobblestone streets create a unique landscape for the city. The main square with the Town Hall and the Cathedral should always be the beginning of your exploration and for all visitors who wish to have fun.

4. Pecs

This city in the southwest of the country is full of history and culture. It was elected European Capital of Culture in 2010 and not without reason. Among the many historical and cultural sites to see in Pécs, we will highlight the sites of two religions of the world: the ancient Christian tombs and the mosque of Pasha Qasim.

5. Debrecen

It is the largest city in Hungary until the Budapest Association in 1873. Every year on August 20, the Debrecen Flower Festival is organized, a celebration of art and creativity. The city is also famous for its delicious sausages. Debrecen is one of the largest music education centres in Hungary. Moreover, it is the most important Calvinist centre in Eastern Europe.

6. Vac

The city of Vac is located on the banks of the Danube near Visegrad. It is a popular seaside resort for locals and tourists, and there are many attractions for visitors. In Vac, you will find museums, churches, wine cellars and many beautiful sights. It is a beautiful looking place where you can easily spend a day or even more.

7. Nyiregyhaza

This is a nice place to visit with many museums and interesting baths. The open-air museum in Sosto, for example, fascinates all the old buildings exhibited and the knowledge that makes traditional life of the region. The city has several beautiful, scattered green parks, such as beautiful restaurants and churches. Close to the Tokaj wine region, many people use it as a starting point for exploring nearby wines and vineyards.

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