Kuwait Tourist Attractions – All you need to know before planning your trip

Kuwait is a modern nation with a rich history. Located on the Arabian Peninsula between Saudi Arabia and Iraq with its coast on the Persian Gulf, it has a culture influenced by the peoples of the Arabian highlands, Mesopotamia, ancient Greece and traders along the spice trail. Modern Kuwait is an urbanized oil-rich emirate. Based on the capital city of Kuwait, it has exploded since the discovery of natural resources in the 1930s. With a cosmopolitan blend of old and new, Kuwait could be the destination you are looking for, for this experience a unique vacation or even to settle in. There is certainly a lot to see and do.

Due to its vast Gulf Coast, Kuwait offers many activities on or around the water. Pearl Diving was once a crucial industry in the state before the discovery of oil. Most dives now take place at pearl diving festivals in which Kuwaitis resume their traditional diving methods before ending the festival with songs and dances. If you want to immerse yourself in the water, the reefs and islands of Kuwait offer many opportunities for scuba diving and discovering underwater marine life firsthand.

However, if you prefer to stay above the water, the gulf seas off the coast of Kuwait also offer ideal conditions for boating, with calm waters and gentle breezes. For those who visit, the Salmiya Yacht Club offers an abundant mooring. Alternatively, you can take boat trips to discover the tranquillity of the handful of islands in the emirate and find a quiet spot for a quick swim. These trips can also offer the possibility of engaging in fishing not to be missed. The waters around Kuwait contain an incredibly diverse fish stock ranging from shark and stingray to tuna. If you are planning a small group activity, you may even prefer to rent your own boat and get complete control over your excursion.

For those looking for more intense activity, there are many other ways to have fun on the water, including water skiing, jet skiing, and windsurfing (although you may need to purchase your own equipment). Otherwise, why not relax on one of the many superb beaches in Kuwait, perhaps Messilah Beach, Oqialah Beach or the Al-Shaab waterfront

Kuwait City is a great place to spend your shopping hours, whether you’re looking for international clothing brands or fresh fish. The Avenues Mall in Kuwait City is the largest in the state and if you’re in the mood for some serious shopping, you can easily spend a day or two in its international stores with plenty of restaurants and cinemas for food and entertainment. between the two. For a different shopping experience, take a stroll around Souk Sharq’s promenades and its nearby fish market at the water’s edge in Safat. Traditional architecture creates a unique backdrop when you shop at several of your favourite outlets. Once you’re ready for a pit stop, it’s the perfect place to have lunch overlooking the water in one of its many cafes and restaurants, perhaps sampling traditional seafood dishes and spices from Kuwait. Souk Sharq’s main attraction, however, must be his rare example of a functional water clock – not to be missed.

To better understand the heritage and culture of Kuwait, your main destination should be the National Museum of Kuwait. Entrance is free and it is by far the best place to learn about the history of Kuwait and its people, providing an overview of topics such as scuba diving and the spice trade. Particular highlights include the rich archaeological finds on the island of Failaka (formerly colonized by the ancient Greeks), the vast collections of Islamic art and its planetarium.

The Science Center, on the other hand, combines the largest aquarium in the Middle East, a facility for children to experience science for themselves and an IMAX theatre showing educational films. The aquarium is home to a diverse range of marine life, from sharks to otters to penguins. Watch the shark feed in the evening or get closer to the native marine life of the Gulf. Additionally, you can visit the Kuwait Zoo in Omarrya to see a variety of animals, large and small.

Due to its changing economic fortunes, Kuwait is home to a mixture of old and new Islamic architecture. One site that should be accessible to all visitors is the largest mosque in Kuwait, the Great Mosque. The building is covered with beautiful decorations and can be visited by all faiths (as long as you respect the dress code). However, if you’re looking for views, why not head to the iconic Kuwait Towers in the Sharq district of Kuwait City. There are three towers that have become a symbol of the nation and its resistance throughout the recent conflict. One tower has a rotating viewing platform at a height of 123 meters giving you a 360-degree view of the city of Kuwait and beyond. And if that’s not enough, watch out for the 372-meter-high Liberation Tower, one of the tallest communication towers in the world.

However, for more action-based entertainment to keep kids entertained, Kuwait has a number of amusement parks, including the largest, Entertainment City in Al-Doha, with its plethora of rides and arcades alongside quieter gardens and pleasure lakes. In addition, children can enjoy the aquatic walks of the Messilah Water Village and the water park (next to the towers of Kuwait), or the skating rinks and ice rinks at the Al-Shaab leisure park.

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