Study and Work in the United Kingdom: What to Know

Every year, a large number of students jump into the big pond to study in happy England. As one of the most accessible and well-known countries in the world, it is no wonder that England has so many students, whose reasons, studies and backgrounds vary from artists to history, poets and everyone else.

Studying in England is a great choice for students starting their first international experience – with few language barriers and easy streets to navigate, students find themselves trapped in the British lifestyle not only comfortable but also addictive. We’ve all seen photos of the picturesque, hilly English countryside, but many students want to know what this top country has to offer.

Popular Destinations

England has no shortage of high quality, renowned colleges, and universities. From London’s vibrant and multicultural circuses to the historic cobblestone streets of Bath and the all-night university city of Newcastle, the diversity of England is suitable for all types of students.

The country’s capital and most famous city, London is an obvious choice for the thousands of students who choose London each year to study abroad. People from all over the world come here and create a dynamic melting pot. Skip the skateboarders, hop on a double-decker bus and fill your face with Cadbury while you explore the city’s sights – there’s no shortage here, with Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Tower of London, among countless others.

Nestled in the northeast corner of England and situated on the River Tyne, the city of Newcastle is known for its nightlife equivalent to London. Home to a large population of college football students and fans, Newcastle has a wide variety of restaurants, pubs, sports competitions, theatres, nightclubs, festivals, and music venues.

Pro tip: be sure to visit Alnwick Castle (about 30 minutes by bus) while you are in Northumberland. A must for fans of Harry Potter and/or History.

Cambridge and Oxford
These words have almost become synonymous with quality education, and for a taste of the English education system, these universities will be the tastiest.

Almost a quarter of the student population at Oxford University are international students, and the university itself has the unique distinction of being the very first university in the world for students learning English. Surrounded by a community of academics who place a high value on their studies, you will be faced with a background of beautiful architecture, small shops and the Thames while discovering your book.

On the other hand, the University of Cambridge is located one hour east of London, in an area highly concentrated in business. Students, Gothic architecture, the famous view of King’s College across the river and history come together to form a vibrant and interesting city with the second oldest university in the Western world.

Planning your trip

Because England attracts international students from all over the world, an excellent option for cultural integration is possible directly in a dormitory for universities. Other programs can organize accommodation and offer specifically for program participants, such as Panrimo, which organizes shared student apartments in central London. The IFSA program in Newcastle gives students the option of living in a dormitory or securing their home independently. Or you can live in a castle!

If you have to organize accommodation yourself, BeRoomers and UniPlaces are two websites with a list of student accommodation in England.

Immersion and cultural activities
Sometimes the programs offer some weekend or weekly activities to make the transaction more pleasant. These excursions can be educational, fun, or both – and if you have extra money to spend, finding a program that offers such experiences can be a valuable investment.

For example, GlobaLinks cooperates with STA Travel to organize a multitude of short trips to neighboring countries. If you prefer to travel locally, programs such as Panrimo offer customizable excursions, where you can see famous castles or the ancient tribal site of Shakespeare.

It is possible to select a program that does not contain any activity so that you can organize it independently instead. If you are autonomous and motivated to create your own adventure, this type of study abroad experience will be both stimulating and satisfying.


The use of the pound by England as a form of currency can make the holders of American dollars a little frightened to invest in living there. Avoid budget headaches or skipped meals to fund the fun by applying for the following grants:

  • The API offers a variety of scholarships for participants in their programs – and they have two great choices for England.
  • The British Chevening Scholarships are funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and managed by the British Council. With this scholarship, foreign students can study in the UK.
  • The British Universities Transatlantic Exchange Association offers £ 500 scholarships to students studying for a semester or a year in England.
  • As a non-profit organization, the various USAC scholarship opportunities abroad are aimed at gaining international experience for students – without breaking the bank.
  • More scholarships and scholarships abroad

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