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With the cost implication of post-secondary education, most students are looking for ways to lower their tuition fees. Many scholarships in Canada are giving to deserving students. This allows students to attend some of the best universities and colleges in Canada.

Excellence Scholarships

Merit scholarships are awarded to students based on various criteria, such as social engagement, leadership qualities and innovative skills. The judges receive the candidacies and determine the recipients. There are academic guidelines that must be applied. Each grant has its requirements. Experience as a volunteer is a plus when applying for these scholarships.

Academic scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to students who have obtained high academic marks. Each Canadian university offers such scholarships. A student should generally achieve an average grade of around 90% – 95%. There is usually no application to submit, as the university or college determines the recipients. The amount awarded varies from university to university.

Admission scholarships

Each university awards its admission scholarships. The requirements include excellent grades and merit criteria, as well as the requirements for a merit scholarship. Most recipients have university status that is among the top 5% of their graduation classes. They must submit an independent request from the university.
Automatic counterparty exchanges in Canada Scholarships of this type are offered in the form of prizes and financial assistance. Criteria may include excellent grades, extracurricular activities and sports performance. No application is required as admission tests are carried out. The university determines the beneficiary of the scholarship.

Prestigious scholarships in Canada

Various prestigious private and government scholarships have been awarded to Canadian students and students from other countries. Some of these renowned scholarships are:
– Cameco Corporation
– Alexander G. Bell Association for the Deaf
– Archives Society of Alberta
– Native Nurses Association of Canada
– Black Business & Professional Association

University and college scholarships

There is also a wide range of scholarships offered by private donors, companies and organizations. Certain scholarships are granted for a specific field of study and others for each field of study of a specific school. Scholarships are generally awarded to students with financial strains to ease the burden. The amount awarded for a scholarship will vary.
Scholarships can be offered at the start of the academic year or at different times during the school year. Examples of grants:
– Association of BC Forest Professionals scholarships
– Elmer Shaw Admission Scholarships
– Anna Sorkomova Memorial Fairs
– Cookies Voortman Scholarship

Where to Look for Canadian Scholarships

Canadian scholarships can be found at various organizations and clubs, such as sports organizations and community groups, employers and unions. For example, if the parents of student work in a large company or are members of a union, there is probably a bursary for the employees’ children. Other sites where you can get information about scholarships are websites such as Canada Scholarships and Scholarships, a school board office and a library.

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