Studying Abroad; Here are The Main Reasons to Choose Canada as Your Destination

by Sunisky

Canadian universities and colleges host more than thousands of international students per year. The visa procedures are simple and the chances of work are good. Canada gives quality education at reasonable tuition rates. The standard costs for a foreign student during a school year eight month in a bachelor’s degree program are 11,903 Canadian dollars.

1. A Safe Place To Study

Canada has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. It is considered a relatively peaceful, safe and orderly country. Unlike the United States, firearms are strictly controlled and are generally not allowed in Canada.

2. Post-graduation work visa

The work visa after graduation is specially designed for international students. This visa provides graduates of post-secondary public institutions and certain private institutions the opportunity to apply for a work visa for an offer of employment in their respective field and allows them to gain critical work experience in Canada in their field of study for a period of one or two years.


3. Quality Education

Canada has high academic standards and careful quality controls in education. A Canadian degree is recognized around the world and is considered equivalent to qualifications acquired in the United States or Commonwealth countries. The country is one of the best education actors in the world and the best country in the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) in terms of education spending. The education system in Canada includes private and government-funded schools, including community colleges, technical institutes, universities, university colleges, vocational colleges, language schools, high schools, and community colleges. ‘summer.

4.  Exciting Campus Lifestyle

All campuses in Canada have the latest wireless access point technology, making the interactive online learning experience possible for students. Campus facilities include concert halls, radio Olympic-size sports facilities and newspapers. Canadian colleges and universities generally offer the best compromise between academic life and leisure, in an environment that offers many opportunities to meet the students from a diverse pool of international students.


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