The Most Colourful Cities in the World

What defines the beauty of a city depends on various factors such as landscape, building style, cleanliness, tranquillity, people, etc. Colours also play an essential role in bringing extraordinary beauty to a city. The following are the most colourful cities in the world.

Some cities are historic and elegant; some are light and modern, and some are so colourful that you can’t believe your eyes, these colourful cities will add a touch of dynamism to your next vacation. The following are the most colourful places in the world.

Busan, South Korea

The second-largest city in South Korea almost always plays the supporting role after Seoul, but if there is a reason to place Busan at the top of your list of Korean priorities. It is the Gamcheon Cultural Village. A hill covered with colourful houses that people often compare with stacked legos, this is one of the most Instagramable places on the Korean Peninsula, and perhaps the world.

Burano, Venice, Italy

Burano is a beautiful little island in the northern Venetian lagoon. In fact, it is an archipelago that consists of four islands connected by bridges. The highlight of Burano is the multi-coloured houses on either side of the canals. The green water of the canals that separate the islands reflect these picturesque houses and it really looks like a paradise.

In the past, fishing was the main source of income in Burano. During the winter season, fishermen had difficulty recognizing their homes due to the thick fog. So they decided to paint their houses in different colours. This incident is said to be the beginning of the tradition of colouring in Burano.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

The reasons for the blue colour of the Moroccan city of Chefchaouen vary depending on the people you ask. Some people say that this is due to Jewish mysticism, while others say that blue hues are a natural mosquito repellent that hangs in the hills where the city was built. Whatever the reason Chefchaouen is blue, one thing is certain: it is one of the most colourful cities in the world.

Kampung Pelangi, Indonesia

Kampung Pelangi is known as Rainbow Village and has recently been included in the list of the most colourful cities in the world. In April 2017, the city council decided to spend 300 million Indonesian rupees (just over USD 20,000) to paint the 232 houses of the village with at least three different colours to attract more tourists. Kampung Warna-Warni, Kampung Tridi, and Kampung Kali Code are other colourful cities in Indonesia that have done similar work.

Cartagena, Colombia

The beauty of the Caribbean coast of Colombia, Cartagena has everything for travellers. Whether it’s a charming old town, world-famous beaches, a vibrant cultural scene or delicious seafood.

“Lively” is an acceptable adjective to describe the buildings of Cartagena, which exist everyplace in a very rainbow of the fortified a part of the historic district.
Sellers of fresh fruit, Colombian flags and bougainvillaea vines are added to this explosion of colours.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Likewise cities on this list, Copenhagen would be a great place to visit, even if there were no colourful buildings. On the other hand, no trip to Copenhagen is complete without a walk-in Nyhavn, a harbour whose buildings painted in a dazzling array of bright colours.

Trinidad, Cuba

With its cobbled streets, recent American cars and historic buildings painted altogether reminder blue, yellow, pink and inexperienced, this colourful town offers endless food for your Instagram feed. Relax in the Plaza Mayor with a cup of coffee or ice cream and watch the world go by.

Jaipur, India

The Indian city of Jaipur is known as the “pink city”, the buildings and walls are actually more of smoky and earthy colour. Many of the paraphernalia you will find in Jaipur reinforce its reputation as a pink street with bright pink taxis. But you still want to see as many colourful cities in the world as possible.

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