Oslo winter activities: What are the things to do and why to spend winter in Norway

Winter in the Oslo area normally starts in November and lasts until March. In other parts of Norway, this can happen earlier and stay longer. In Svalbard, for example, there is still a lot of snow in April, but it is an extreme case.

Oslo is generally not cold in winter. All coastal areas of Norway generally have a milder climate, especially in the west. However, if you decide to go further inland /north/mountains, you can expect a lot of colder temperatures.

Oslo offers kilometres and miles of cross-country ski trails, or you may want to test your skills in skating or downhill skiing. Too little action? Try to speed up the Korketrekkeren toboggan run 2 km long!

Combine winter activities with shopping, dancing, restaurants and culture! Oslo has more than 40 museums and open-air attractions such as the Akershus Fortress and the Vigeland Sculpture Park.  Enjoy Oslo’s nightlife, restaurants and outstanding music scene. Below are things to do in Oslo during winter.

A visit to the Oslo Opera House

Opera house was located on the water’s edge in the city centre and offering magnificent views of the Oslo Fjord, the Oslo Opera House is one of the best places in the city to watch the sunset all year long but even more so in summer.

The opera with its sloping roof is designed for walking, which is, of course, one of the things to do during a visit, even in winter.

You have some of the best views of the Oslo Fjord, where you can see the small islands with their colourful wooden houses on one side and the city centre on the other.

Early sunset in Oslo

When you visit Oslo during winter, the days are quite short. Sunrises around nine o’clock and sets at about four o’clock. Advantage of winter is that sunsets are spectacular. The shades of orange, red and pink are so beautiful to see. When you visit Holmenkollen and its surroundings, you can examine the sunset over the Oslo fjord in an amazing show of bright orange, red and yellow. Thus, although the sunset early in the most spectacular colours, the golden hour light is perfect for photographers, without waiting until midnight in summer.

A Visit to the Holmenkollen ski museum and ski jump tower

Holmenkollen is located northeast of Oslo and only 20-30 minutes drive from the city centre. The Holmenkollen ski jumping tower has been organizing ski jumping competitions since 1892 and was also used during the 1952 Olympic Winter Games. At a height of 121 meters, the ski jumping tower is truly impressive to see. It is possible to go to the top.
The panoramic view from the top of the tower should probably be impressive.
Holmenkollen was opened in 1923 and is the oldest museum in the world specialized in skiing. More information about admission prices and opening hours are available here.

Have a coffee at the Kafé Seterstua in Frognerseteren

One of the best panoramic views of Oslo and the Oslo Fjord is undoubtedly from Kafé Seterstua in Frognerseteren.
On a warm sunny day, a large panoramic terrace greets visitors with a refreshing drink. For cold and snowy winter days, a large and cosy fireplace welcomes you inside. The coffee is famous for its delicious apple pie.

To get to Kafe Seterstua from Central Station, take the Holmenkollen underground line to the arrival station.

Snowboarding and skiing in Oslo Winterpark

Oslo Winterpark is located close to the centre of Oslo, in a residential area, and offers everything is needed to have fun on the snowboard or skier tracks. The park is not the largest in the world but offers 18 trails and 11 lifts. The slopes, the longest of which are 1.5 km long, are suitable for everyone from beginner to advanced. The weather conditions were ideal for skiing in Oslo Winter Park; clear sky and just cold enough to offer a nice powder.

Walking through Vigeland Park

One of the things you won’t want to miss while visiting Oslo was the popular Vigeland Park. It is the largest sculpture park in the world by one artist, Gustav Vigeland. The sculptures are a permanent exhibition at Frogner Park, Oslo’s largest park and one of the most visited places in Norway.

Nobel Peace Center

The Nobel Peace Center is located directly from Aker Brygge, the ferry port. The Nobel Peace Prize Museum tells the story of Alfred Nobel and the winners of the Peace Prize. The museum has various permanent and temporary exhibitions and can be visited individually or through a visit.

Akershus Castle and Fortress

The Akershus Festning, built in the 13th century, is one of Oslo’s most recognizable landmarks. The fort has also been used as a military base and prison and is now a wonderful place to wander and enjoy panoramic views of Oslo Fjord and the city. The best place to see the fort is Aker Brygge.

It is close to the city centre and the entrance is free to walk around the property. In summer it is possible to take a ride.

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