Top 7 Amazing Things to do in Salzburg

Salzburg is an amazing city with many excellent examples of Baroque architecture and Romanesque. Wherever you look, you see memories that this city was Mozart’s birthplace. His history is protected and celebrated in various museums and also in some musical events in the city.
The city of Salzburg is located in the Austrian region of Salzburg, near the border with Bavaria (Germany). The name means “Salt Castle” and refers to the salt deposits of the region that have made the city rich as a centre of the medieval salt trade and the magnificent white castle.

1. Visiting the Salzburg Castle

This magnificent white castle and fairy tale is the largest preserved and largest intact medieval fortress in Europe. It is the kind of place you want to watch from every possible angle. As you stroll through the narrow streets of the old town, turn every street corner hoping to have another view of the majestic building that sits at the top of the rock overlooking Monchsberg, from the castle walls, you get a spectacular view of the city and the surrounding countryside.

2. Mozartplatz – Mozart Square

This is the heart of the city and is dominated by a statue of the great composer. The image is considered to have little resemblance to Mozart and reveals an astonishing historical error as it captures it with a pencil; The pencils were invented at least twenty years after the death of Mozart in 1791.

3. Mirabell Gardens

Mirabell Gardens is a place that offers a sound of music for children and danced around the statue of Pegasus. The garden belongs to the Mirabell Palace, built by an archbishop in 1606 to house his mistress and children. It is now the office of the Mayor of Salzburg, but some parts are open to tourists allowing travellers to enjoy their stay and have fun.

4. Kauzinerberg

This beautiful hill reaches an altitude of 2087 feet, but it is not necessary to walk to the top to enjoy a magnificent view of Salzburg in the valley below. The beginning of each walk takes you along the Six-Way of the Cross built in the early 18th century. The Capuchin Monastery, also located on the lower slopes, is worth a visit.

5. Salzburg Museum

The Salzburg Museum contains many archaeological and artistic treasures, a 17th-century carillon that interprets Mozart’s compositions to Renaissance religious paintings and artefacts dating back to early Roman times from Salzburg. The most remarkable exhibition (classified as a separate museum for admission) contains various 360-degree panoramic paintings. Still, others claim that the true miracle of the museum is the installation itself.

6. The Residenzplatz

The Residenzplatz is one of the largest squares in the city and the best place to start exploring the many tourist attractions that this beautiful city has to offer. The centrepiece of the Residenzplatz is the beautiful Residenzbrunnen, a marble masterpiece made by an Italian sculptor in 1661 and the largest and most beautiful Baroque fountain on this side of the Alps.

7. Hellbrunn Palace Trick Fountains

The Hellbrunn Fountains are the best in Salzburg, especially when with children. Tourists visit Hellbrunn Palace to look for the sound of Gazebo music, but Trick Fountains should not be missed. The fountains are only available as part of a one-hour visit, but it’s a very remarkable moment.

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