Check out Top 6 Tourist Attraction in Detroit

Detroit is known for its links with motor vehicles. The home of the original Ford factory, this city is the oldest in the Midwest. Detroit’s tourist attractions are far too numerous, ranging from places of historical interest to ethnic landmarks to ultramodern urban life. For you to have a great time in Detroit, you have to take the time and be patient to thoroughly discover the gravel in the city.

1. Detroit Public Library

The Detroit Public Library, which decorates the heart of the cultural centre, is located on Woodward Avenue, within walking distance of the city’s major tourist attractions, including museums and art galleries. Enjoy the Burton Historical Collection at the Detroit Public Library.

2. Belle Isle

Belle Isle, a charming island on the Detroit River, is accessible by the General MacArthur Bridge and offers a touch of freshness away from the noise and the city. With a beautiful park, sports facilities, hiking trails, a botanical museum, a freshwater fish aquarium, the Dossin Great Lakes Museum and a Safari Zoo, the island is one of Detroit’s main attractions because it offers both tranquillity and entertainment able to take care of your daily worries and work the cold shoulder for a change. Discover the magnificent architectural creations near the Detroit Yacht Club.

3. Detroit Science Center

The Detroit Science Center offers a multitude of entertainment options and also focuses on education interactively. This is a state of the art science centre in Detroit which offers a judicious mix of training and feeling in a good balance. In addition to the many interactive exhibits, it has a huge IMAX theatre with a host of enchanting shows for more entertainment and excitement.

4. Detroit Zoo

One of Detroit’s most visited attractions, the Detroit Zoo is one of the best zoos in the country with the best collection of wildlife. The large zoo area includes a large selection of animals including several rare species, as well as extinct species. The various zoo attractions include Penguin House; expose great apes; House of Elephants; Arctic Ring of Life, the world’s largest polar bear exhibit in their homes; and a beautiful garden full of colourful butterflies and cute hummingbirds.

5. Renaissance Center

Renaissance Center, located on Jefferson Avenue, Beaubien, this is Detroit’s most distinctive and striking attraction, with its unique architecture of multicoloured black glossy glass patterns. Built to create a new interest in downtown that seemed to turn grey, this beautiful structure houses the headquarters of General Motors and is home to many shops, restaurants, banks and cinemas. It also offers excellent panoramic views of the Michigan Meadows, Great Lakes and Dever City.

6. Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History

The African American History Museum illustrates the historical role of blacks in the United States and their position in the city of Detroit. The exhibitions cover a variety of topics, including a look at prominent African-American scientists and technology leaders, as well as the Detroit Underground Railroad, which allowed slaves to flee from Michigan to Canada. In addition to permanent and changing exhibitions, the museum organizes a wide range of events, including lectures, debates and films that address social, political and other issues.

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