Travel Tips to help you Prepare for your Vacation

In a cash economy where international mobile roaming services may not work, frequent travelers may need to adjust some of their usual travel habits. If you’re planning a visit to Myanmar, here are some practical travel tips to help you prepare and while you’re out and about.


Check travel requirements – Contact the embassy of the country you wish to visit for more information on visa requirements. Visa on arrival is available with a proper invitation letter to a local company and is limited to a selected group of countries.
Register travel details with your embassy – It is good practice to let your government know that you plan to visit another country.
Travel insurance – Make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance that covers treatment in the country you want to visit so you don’t have to pay expensive health insurance. Also before you go to talk to your doctor about any vaccinations you may need, especially if you plan to visit in the countryside.
Bring copies of your travel documents – Have a backup copy of your passport details, travel insurance, emergency numbers, travel visas and other necessary information on hand in case you need them. Keep it safe in your hotel and don’t forget to leave a copy with a friend or family member at home.

Money management tips

Bring new, crisp and clean banknotes – Most purchases you will make in the country of your visit will be in cash or perhaps in a foreign currency, USD is usually the preferred exchange. Most stores and money changers accept US currency, but bills are often turned down if they are creased, damaged, or damaged.
Bring your Visa cards – Instead of carrying large amounts of cash with you on your trip, ATMs provide easy access to local currency if you need it. Visa and other international cards can be used in various ATMs.
Inform your bank – It is good practice to inform your bank before going abroad. If you are going to another country, let them know your travel plans as banks can block any unusual transaction. The last thing you want is that you don’t have access to money and you have to call your bank from your vacation.

Useful tips

Buy a local SIM card – most likely you will not be able to make or receive calls on your international roaming subscription. SIM cards for international or some local calls can be rented or bought at the airport. Inquire at the tourist information center once you have cleared customs. It is a good idea to contact your mobile service provider before traveling to ensure that your phone accepts foreign SIM cards.
Pre-Book A Car – Airport taxis are available, although the condition of the cars may vary in a newly open market. However, several airport transfers are available and are reasonably priced. A quick internet search of car service companies will yield several results, for which advance booking is recommended.
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